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Best Gun Cleaning Kits [Top 5 For 2022]

by Tom Ginevra

best gun cleaning kit

In a Rush? Here’s Our Number 1 Choice!

Winchester 68-Piece Super Deluxe

Great price, great name and a very nice comprehensive gun cleaning kit that comes with everything you need in a case that is string, compact and usable – it’s the one for us from those we looked at.

An Intro To Gun Cleaning Kits

Part of the deal when owning guns is that you need to keep them clean. Indeed, true gun enthusiasts enjoy this part of the routine as much as they do shooting itself.

Of course, the type of gun you have will dictate the type of cleaning kit you require, so we’re going to have a look at what are known in the business as ‘universal’ cleaning kits.

Now, no cleaning kit is truly universal, and nor can it be. There will always be a gun somewhere that every kit struggles with.

That’s the nature of universal items!

What we have done is looked at kits that we believe cover as wide a range of guns as possible, and the rest is up to you!

We’re going to look at various budgets, different types of kits, and give you the lowdown on each, but don’t be surprised if some don’t contain everything you want. For example, let’s say you come across a kit you like, at the right price, but it doesn’t include solvent, for example.

You might dismiss it on that point alone. We say don’t; you can buy your solvent separately, at very little cost, and still get the rest of the kit which you liked.

Also, when it comes to cost, we don’t recommend you simply buy the cheapest one. You want to look after your guns, so they deserve to be cleaned correctly, using decent kit and not budget stuff that might damage them in the process.

So, let’s not hang around, we researched the market and these are the cleaning kits we reckon you should consider – but the choice is yours!

Here’s Our Top 5 Best Gun Cleaning Kits

1. Clenziol Field and Range Universal Cleaning Kit

  • Comprehensive cleaning kit
  • All types of gun
  • Wide variety of mops and brushes
  • Pull through and rod cleaning
  • Quality bag
  • If you have one gun you’re buying stuff you don’t need
  • Bag is very large

Our first item is this comprehensive gun cleaning kit from the Clenzoil brand, which offers a variety of items of this type. This one comes in a nice, well-made bag with a strong carry-handle and shoulder strap, and contains cleaning devices for handguns, shotguns and rifles.

If, however, you want a kit that is – for example – just for shotguns, you might want to consider looking for one that is less general and more specific, and you might save some money in the process.

What do you get? Pretty much everything you need including a cleaning mat, various sizes of cleaning brushes and mops covering a wide range of calibres, both rod and pull-through cable accessories, and grease and a pump sprayer.

There’s nothing left out with this kit. There’s also plenty of space in the bag for other kit – it is a large bag so don’t buy this if you have limited space – and it’s a decent price for what it is so is well worth checking out.

2. Vingli Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

  • Stylish lightweight aluminium case
  • 126 piece cleaning set
  • Everything for all guns
  • Quality brass rods
  • Case is more style over practicality
  • No oil and solvent supplied
  • You might not need all the bits

While the one above comes in a durable cloth bag, this one features no fewer than 126 pieces, all neatly presented in a metal brief-case type carry package.

This one also offers cleaning mops, brushes and more for handguns, rifles and shotguns, as well as high quality brass cleaning rods,  and a specially fitted interior to the case so everything has its allotted place. It’s all very neat, quite stylish and rather good-looking.

While the kit included is absolutely comprehensive, there is no cleaning oil and solvent included – something we mentioned in our introduction. This is because many people like to choose their own oil and solvent, and there are two spaces left in the case for this purpose.

Is it the one we would choose from this list? It is very nice, and the lightweight aluminium case is very stylish, but we can’t help feeling it won’t withstand the knocks it’s going to get if you take it out in the field, unlike the durable cloth bags of others.

3. Winchester 68-Piece Super Deluxe

winchester gun cleaning kit

  • All in one package
  • Winchester brand
  • Nicely made case
  • Velcro compartment holders
  • Carry handle
  • Great price
  • No oil or solvent, but that’s your choice
  • A few complaints that larger calibre items are inaccurate

There are few brands that resonate in the world of quality guns as highly as Winchester, so does this gun cleaning kit live up to the reputation? It would seem it does, especially in the eyes of many satisfied customers that we found during our research.

This is a 68-piece kit that is aimed primarily at shotguns and rifles, and comes with quality tips, rods, and brushes, many of which are housed in individual containers that attach to the inside of the case with Velcro. This is a nice touch that keeps everything where you want it to be.

The case itself is very nice, a soft-sided one that would be perfectly happy in the field or at home, and with a machined aluminium handle for better grip. The case is also fitted with external pockets for accessories.

There is no oil or solvent included, which is not unusual, and it has pretty much everything you want in what is a nicely designed package. What we are impressed with is the price. We found various, all between $50 and $100, and we think that it’s worth it at even the highest level.

4. The Otis Elite

  • Otis brand
  • All the accessories for all guns
  • Optic cleaning accessories
  • Compact bag
  • High price in comparison
  • Interior not well organised
  • Case perhaps not strong enough

Otis is a big name in the gun world, so we thought it necessary to include a product of theirs in this list. The first thing we will say is that name brands usually mean higher cost; while that didn’t apply with Winchester, it certainly does with Otis.

This one is more than twice the price of the one above, but as we said in our intro, choosing on price is not necessarily sensible. This is a nice cleaning kit with everything you could want for shotguns, rifles and handguns, and comes in a neatly designed and surprisingly compact case which is a soft design.

You get all the brushes, mops and rods you need with this one – indeed, you do with them all – and it also comes with lens tissues, sprays and brushes for the optics, which is a nice touch. It’s perhaps not as nicely arranged inside as some of these, but it makes good use of space.

In fact, while the general opinion of customers is very positive, quite a few – even those who marked it highly – have complaints about the case itself, which they says is not really up to the job.

5. Pro Shot Tactical .223 Calibre Kit

  • Specialised kit
  • Compact and quality bag
  • All quality items
  • Everything geared for one type of gun
  • Cheap
  • Only for specialised guns

This one – which is not universal and only for .223 calibre guns – is included so that we can show you the savings you might be able to make should own only one type of gun, and need a cleaning kit especially for those.

This one has everything you need for the calibre including top quality brushes and mops, comes in a very neat little carry bag, and rods that – when combined – are long enough for any rifle or shotgun.

Everything in this package is good quality, the bag itself has a pouch inside for storing other accessories, and it is very small so will be easy to carry in the field, if that’s what you intend to do.

Where it scores highly is in the cost: because you are buying only what you need, and not paying for a load of kit that will be of no use for your specific gun, this one can be yours for less than $30. Compare that to the price of some of the comprehensive kits, and you get a major saving.

There are many such cleaning kits for specific gun sizes and types, and we recommend you check them out.

Learn how to clean your gun in the video below, or check out GunMagazine’s YouTube channel.

So, Which is For You?

So, we’ve given you a bit of food for thought with some of the items on the list above, but which one is for you?

We could go into a big, rambling guide as to features you need to look for, but in truth, there’s twos choice here: do you want kit for your specific type or calibre of gun – in which case we recommend you search the market further for more examples relevant to your guns – or are you in the market for a universal cleaning kit?

For the sake of the following conclusion, we’re going to assume the latter, so what’s our choice?

Let’s have a look!

Our Choice

We’ll come clean here: we really can’t recommend any one of these firmly enough, as the market is one that demands your attention, and each of the above comprehensive kits is that – comprehensive and including everything you need bar the usual individual choice items that are often left out.

If we were to buy one from the four kits listed, it would undoubtedly be the Winchester, and not because it’s a great price.

Quite simply, it’s the best-designed case and the one we feel would be easiest to handle out in the field.

So, there you are, a few comprehensive gun cleaning kits to choose from, and we hope we’ve helped you find one that suits your needs and budget.

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