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Gun Safe Pistol Rack: Top 5 Recommendations

by Tom Ginevra

gun safe pistol rack

In a rush? Here’s our top 2 choices in brief:

1: Armory Racks 8-Gun Store

Neat, simple, fits 8 guns, affordable and versatile. It’s good!

2: SecureIt Pistol Peg Rack

Holds 11 guns of any size, easy to use, not expensive, very strong steel construction.

Choosing A Pistol Rack

If you have guns, then you will already have a gun safe, one that complies with the laws and is secure. The point of a gun safe is, by and large, to keep you safe: the last thing you want is a burglar taking your guns, and them being used in criminal activity. 

Most gun safes are designed and constructed for holding rifles. If you have pistols, you should take a look at gun safe pistol racks, as they are designed to make the best use of available space. They fit into your gun safe – depending upon its size – and are a great way of storing your pistols safely and correctly.

We’ll take up no more space talking about what they are, so here are the top five gun safe pistol racks as recommended by us and by users. Have read and you’ll see just how useful these clever items can be.

Our Top 5 Pistol Racks

1. Armory Racks 8-Gun Store

The first on our list is this model, from Armoury Racks, a company specialising in gun safes and accessories such as this. The reassurance of a known brand is always welcome when dealing with products that are to do with security. This one is designed for 8 guns, and is a very handy and nicely made gun rack with some interesting features.

First, it is made from neoprene with a coated and welded section where the guns are placed, so it is not too heavy if you need to use it for carrying several pistols at once. It comes with 8 spikes that are nicely angled for hanging the guns, plus a tray that is useful for accessories and perhaps another pistol.

This model is designed to handle everything from pocket pistols to full-sized handguns, and can take everything from .22 to .32 calibre in different combinations. You can mix semi-automatics and revolvers, which is a handy touch. It measures 4.75” x 16.5” x 8.75” so check it will fit in your safe.  All in all, a nicely made pistol rack at a sensible price, and one that will suit most gun safes.


  • 8 gun capacity
  • Comes with a tray
  • Mix of types can be stored
  • .22 to .32 calibre

2. HySkore 12 Gun Pistol Rack

Coming from the HySkore range, this 12-gun pistol rack is designed to be simple to use and easy to handle. It is a clever design in that, instead of the metal prongs that you mount the gun on in the above model, this has closed cells into which you slot the gun. We’re not sure which is the more appropriate and it is likely to your own personal choice.

This one is made from high-density foam, so is very light and easy to move around, and it’s the simplicity that is the main attraction. There are no customer reviews for it so far, so we can’t pass on what others have said, but nevertheless it appears to do the job and is not expensive.


  • 12 gun slots
  • Closed cell design
  • High density foam
  • Cheap

3. Stealth 5 Handgun Pistol Rack

This is another design in which the guns are parked in the upright position, with space between each one so that they do not bang into each other and scratch. It is a flat base with a tall back wall into which slots have been built to stack the guns. The frame is plywood, and it is covered in a soft material throughout in order to protect the guns. 

This one is designed to fit five handguns safely and securely – customer reviews are very favourable and one, notably, confirms that this rack will fit a Glock 43. However, others say that smaller guns such as this may not be suitable, as it is designed for full-sized handguns.

It is nicely made and very simple – and therefore not expensive – and measures 14.75” wide by 8.25” deep, and the back is 6” high – all measurements without guns. It’s good, but make sure it suits your guns.


  • Soft material coating
  • Five-gun rack
  • Made from plywood
  • Suits full-sized guns

4. Versatile VR6 Handgun Rack

The Versatile Rack Company specialises in this sort of product, so we expected this one to be good, and it is. Designed to maximise storage space, this one holds six guns in comfort in a metal frame. The frame is polymer coated so as not to scratch the guns. It’s a simple yet effective design that does the job, and does it well enough.

This one is light and compact enough to take to the gun club if you wish – and many people like to have their own stand for their guns when shooting – and it is finished in blue. It measures just 14”x 5.5” and is just 5“ high, and is nicely designed and made.

Being open-ended, this one should suit everything from small firearms to full-sized handguns, and it is made in the USA and surprisingly affordable for a rack from a known brand – one for our shortlist.


  • Simple design
  • Specialist rack maker
  • Six gun rack
  • Coated metal frame

5. SecureIt Pistol Peg Rack

This design is one of the most innovative here; think of it as being like a wall-mounted coat hanger, but with pegs for guns! It’s made from heavy-duty 12-gauge steel, and is designed to fit precisely in SecureIt safes – a popular brand – but will fit inside others. 

The guns slot via the barrel onto a coated peg – each one has a sleeve covering the metal for protection – and it can fit as many as 11 guns at one time. The rack can be cleverly adjusted for rake, which is a nice touch if you are using it at the club, and is nicely made and very sturdy.

We like this one, it can fit all sizes of handgun from the 9mm upwards to the larger, full-size handguns, and it’s a sensible price, so certainly one that we would recommend.


  • 11 peg design
  • Steel construction
  • Known brand
  • All sizes of gun suitable

That’s our five favourites, so which is best? Before we give you our verdict, let’s have a quick look at some of the features you should look for when choosing a pistol rack.

Buying Essentials

Buying a pistol rack to go with your gun safe is not something you should do without research, so in addition to our quick reviews, we advise that you check out manufacturer and supplier information on these and other models. There are a few vital factors you need think about, so let’s have a look at them:

Will it Fit?

The size of your pistol rack should fit your gun safe. Some, such as the SecureIt model we listed above, are designed for that brand’s safes, while others are universal. It’s always worth checking the size with the internal dimensions of your gun safe – most will be designed to the standard size.

How Many Guns?

How many handguns do you need to store? The above fit between five and 12, so there should be something for you. Perhaps buy one with more capacity than you need – you never know when you might buy another gun!

Will My Guns Fit?

Some of the above are designed to fit all sizes of handgun, but a couple might not be suitable for smaller pistols. This is a detail you need to check before you decide which one you are going to buy.


You want to make sure you have a quality, well-made pistol rack that is going to last a long time, and that matches the quality of your gun safes. There are some on the list above we like more than others in this respect!

That’s a few of the important points you want to consider, so what do we suggest you should choose? Let’s sum things up.

Our Choice

The choice of five above is a minor selection from a much larger market, but we reckon these are the best of the different types of pistol racks available. Which one would we recommend? The one that fits your gun safe, and you budget, and holds enough guns for you! 

If we were to pick one, it would undoubtedly be the Armory Racks 8-Gun Store. 8 guns is a good amount, this is a quality product, and we like the way the guns are stored for ease of access and safety. It’s a sensible price, too, and a size that will fit most gun safes and cases.

So, we hope we’ve helped you find a pistol rack that suits you, and helps you keep your guns in good condition for their lifetime.

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