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Rhino Kodiak 32 Gun Safe Review: Our Thoughts!

by Tom Ginevra

Choosing the right gun safe will make a huge difference to the feeling of peace that you enjoy at home. A 2015 survey showed that over 60% of Americans who have guns at home feel safer due to this. Well, this sensation of security increases even more when those firearms are locked away in a sturdy safe.

Finding the perfect model of gun safe can seem like a hassle but the truth is that there are lots of fantastic options to choose from right now. The size, the locking mechanism, and the overall style are among the points to take the greatest care over.

This Rhino Kodiak 32 gun safe review looks at a popular model that has a lot going for it. Will it be right for your needs?

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Who Are Rhino Metals

The company behind this gun safe is called Rhino Safe Co, which is part of the Rhino Metals group. This is a US based manufacturer that was started up in the mid-1990s by a fighter pilot called Don Suggs.

Challenged by his father to build a secure and affordable gun safe, Suggs come up with the patented designs that got the company started on making safes. They now offer a range of gun safes, divided into the Ironworks, Rhino, and Kodiak series of models.

This firm has a good reputation for producing quality safes at a reasonable price. They are also well-known for their policy of employing a lot of veterans in their workforce.

Having said all that, this isn’t yet really one of the best-known safe brands. If you have never heard of them before then you should be pleasantly surprised to find that their safes are well-built and dependable. This definitely isn’t a company that just pushes out cheap and nasty products from a production line.

If you want something even more impressive than this Kodiak safe then their Ironworks range includes their most expensive models. These are designed to look like weathered, distressed pieces from a museum but are actually incredibly tough and well put together safes that do a terrific job. They also typically offer better fire protection and tougher construction than the Kodiak models.

Their Rhino CD series of safes is described on their own site as being “the country’s highest quality safes”.
Many of their models offer a limited lifetime warranty too. They also claim to provide the best customer service in the industry, as well as the best residential warranty.

The Size and Weight

The Kodiak 32 gun safe is a big safe with external dimensions of 59″H x 33″W x 20″D and a weight of 420lbs. This means that it has space inside for up to 32 long guns and 6 handguns, according to the official details.

As is typically the case with gun safes, the stated capacity is an absolute maximum that would mean squeezing them in more tightly than is ideal. It is more likely that you feel comfortable using it with fewer firearms rather than trying to cram them all in like this.

You will be pleased to see a deluxe door organizer and adjustable shelving included with this model. This means that you have a good deal of flexibility in terms of how you fit in your possessions. It also means there is a luxurious look to it when you open the door.

If this safe is too big for you then you can look at the other models available in the Rhino Kodiak range. These include 18, 21, and 28 gun models. However, if you think that your gun collection may grow over time then this 32 gun model is a good choice to give you some extra interior space.

What Does It Look Like?

This is a no-nonsense safe that looks tough and durable enough to handle whatever is thrown at it. A 3-spoke vault style handle and a solid look make this a model that has a classic, timeless appeal to it. If you want a traditional safe then this is a good choice that you will enjoy looking at and using.

Inside, the appearance changes to one of quality and luxury. The use of good-quality materials results in a plush finish that adds to the luxurious feel.

Pre-drilled holes allow you to easily add a dehumidifier and the company’s Swing Out Gun Rack if you want to. The shelving is adjustable, so you can set it up to meet your needs exactly without looking too crowded or disorganized.

The Quality of the Construction

The locking mechanism on this Rhino Kodiak 32 gun safe is listed as using a UL Listed commercial-grade Type 1 electronic lock. This means that it is easy to open using your code but at the same time incredibly tough for anyone to break into.

A thick 2.00 mm steel composite door and body makes this a sturdy safe with no obvious weak spots. In addition, there are 8 big door bolts that are each 1.00” in size. As well as this, a single hardened steel plate means that even attacking it with a drill isn’t going to do much damage.

Quite simply, it is going to take a massive effort and a lot of time for someone to break in here. Even if they are using tools it is probable that they give up before getting their hands on your guns at all.

It is worth noting that this safe is a California-approved firearm safety device. This is because it meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued there under.

A limited lifetime warranty helps to show that the manufacturer has complete confidence in the construction of this safe.

How Does It Handle a Fire?

A good fireproof rating on a safe will give you tremendous peace of mind. This is a feature that ensures you can put your valuables into it without any worries. The flexibility of the interior means that this is an ideal place for storing documents and large sums of money anyway, so the fireproof aspect is ideal.

The fire rating for the Rhino Kodiak 32 gun safe is an impressive 40 minutes at temperatures of up to 1400°F. This is thanks to the fireboard protection that is included in the ceiling, walls, floor, and door.

This model also has a heat-activated door seal that will expand up to 7 times its size in event of a fire. What this does is act to seal the door edge which in turn helps to keep out the heat and smoke while protecting the contents.

These specifications mean that you will feel confident that your safe will stand up to even an extremely hot fire and a fairly long period of being exposed to it. While 40 minutes might not seem a long time, this is a fairly standard period for a gun safe and may be long enough to let you put the fire out before the contents are damaged in any way.

Take a look at this user review of the Rhino Kodiak 32 gun safe.

How Easy Is It to Install?

The fact that this is a big, hefty safe means that getting it into position can be a bit of a tough task. Some forward planning is needed, especially if you need to negotiate stairs, tight corners or some other hazards along the way. You may need to ask for some help for friends or relatives in order to move it into position without risking accident or injury.

Once it is in its final location you will find it easy enough to complete the rest of the installation process. Pre-drilled holes also make it easy to anchor the safe to the floor. You can also add a dehumidifier using the pre-drill opening, to keep your guns in perfect condition.

After this, it is ready for you to load it up with your guns and other valuables. Some users have talked about customizing their interior with movement activated lights and other features, but for most people the standard set-up is probably going to be good enough to meet their needs anyway.

Kodiak also sells a LED interior safe light kit that comes complete with everything that you need to install it at home. The safe comes with a factory installed USB equipped electrical outlet

Rhino Kodiak 32 Gun Safe Review: Overall Thoughts

The Rhino Kodiak 32 gun safe is a solid option for keeping your firearms as secure and protected as possible. With a high-quality construction and some useful features, this is the sort of safe that won’t let you down.

It might not fit in quite as many firearms as advertised, but the guns that go in here are going to be nice and safe. The way that the interior can be neatly organized a big bonus if you like to keep everything well-ordered and ready to use whenever needed.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Plenty of interior safe with good storage options
  • Fireproof up to 40 minutes
  • Looks impressive


  • Fairly expensive

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