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Best Long Gun Safe For The Money!

by Tom Ginevra

long gun safe for the money

Clearly, not every gun safe is ideal for every home. While some people want to just store away a handgun or get a gun safe for their car, others may need space for a big collection of firearms.

One interesting option is to look at long gun safes. These are generally designed to hold a few rifles or shotguns in them. While they often look less imposing than the biggest gun safes on the market, there are some good reasons for believing that this could be a smart purchase in the right circumstances. Read on to find the best long gun safe for the money – we’re all about bang for your buck!

Who Are Long Gun Safe’s For?

There are certain types of gun owner who are likely to be interested in a safe of this type. For a start, it will be someone who has a number of long rifles or shotguns.

You may think that there is no point in getting a large safe that could be too big for your collection. Equally, you don’t want to choose one that you will soon outgrow. Therefore, it makes sense to check the dimensions carefully and get a long gun safe that meets your need exactly.

A long, thin safe can also be extremely useful if you have limited space to put it in. There is no need to take up space that you can’t afford to use. By choosing wisely you can get a safe that is big enough for your guns without taking up more room than it needs to.

The Features You Must Be Aware Of

As already stated, it is important to be aware of the exact dimensions of the safe you need. However, there are also a number of other features to take into account as well.

The truth is that the issues you need to be most aware of are pretty much the same things that you need to look at with any gun safe you safe, regardless of the shape or size.

  • Steel thickness. Thick, durable steel is what turns any safe into a fortress for your firearms. Long, thin safes can look more fragile but with thick steel they are just as tough to break into as bigger, squatter models. The gauge rating is the key here. Between 10 and 6 gauges is ideal, while the metal gets less resistant as this number increases.
  • Fire insulation and rating. The chances are that you would like to protect your rifles in the case of fire in your home. You might even find some space in there to store valuable documents that you can’t afford to lose. In this case, you should check the fire rating of the safe. The longer it can hold out in case of extreme temperatures the better for keeping your belongings safe.
  • The locking mechanism. Another vital aspect of any safe is how you lock it and open it. Basically, you need to be able to open it in a hurry but it also needs to be very difficult for intruders to force open. Many of the latest models combine biometric access with the sturdiest bolts around.
  • Finally, don’t forget to take the aesthetics of the different models into account. One of the benefits of a long gun safe is that it possible to get one that is sleek and sturdy looking at the same time. This sort of model can fit in perfectly to some homes where a bigger safe may look out of place. There are also a range of interesting colors and styles to choose from too.

Our Top 5 Best Long Gun Safe Reviews

To help you make an informed decision we have chosen 5 of the best models on the market and reviewed them for you.

1. Stack-On GCB-910 Steel 10-Gun Safe

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Weighing 61 pounds and measuring 53” in height, this Stack-On gun safe is a great choice if you need a slim and relatively lightweight option. The full dimensions of the Stack-On GCB-910 are 13.5 x 17 x 53 inches.

It holds up to 10 rifles and shotguns. Because this safe is designed to take advantage of its full height, you can store firearms that are up to 52” tall in it. A removable steel top shelf gives you an additional option for keeping the interior tidy. This shelf goes at the back, so longer guns can still fit in at the front.

In terms of the finish, a foam padded bottom and 3 point locking system add a touch of quality to it. The locking mechanism comes with a key coded lock. It isn’t the thickest or most robust gun safe around, but it does a decent job at keeping firearms away from people who shouldn’t be touching them.


  • Nicely designed for ease of use
  • Good size
  • Affordable price


  • Not fire rated
  • There are sturdier models for sale

2. Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Safe AMEGS592216-BLK

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This is a new, improved version of the popular Steelwater Standard Duty safe. It comes with a free door organizer and among the benefits is the fact that it fireproof for an hour now. It also has bigger locking bolts than before and interior LED lighting.

It is opened with an electronic lock system and has a bypass key for added peace of mind. The exterior dimensions are 59” x 22” x 16” and interior size is 55 ¾” x 19 ½” x 12½.” The whole thing weighs in at 305 pounds.

You can store up to 16 long guns in here, although it is likely to be a tight squeeze if you try to fit in so many. It is probably ideal for up to 10. Overall, it is a sturdy and fairly stylish option that is unlikely to let you down.


  • Digital lock with bypass key
  • Gives an hour of fire protection
  • Sleek and stylish


  • Probably can’t hold the full 16 rifles advertised

3. American Furniture Classics 910 10 Gun Metal Cabinet

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This low cost option gives you an attractive but relatively limited long gun safe. It is nicely finished with a powder coated look and gold accents. Inside, it also has a nice looking wood-grained accented style.

However, it has thin walls compared to many of the other gun safes of this size. This means that it may not be ideal if you want the best possible protection for your firearms. On the other hand, it can do a decent job in keeping less expensive guns out of harm’s way at little cost.

The dimensions are 11” x 20” x 55”. In terms of weight, it comes in at 64.8 pounds. It is advertised as being roomy enough inside to hold up to 10 rifles or shotguns. The locking mechanism uses a traditional key and lock type of operation, even though it is advertised in some places as being electronically locked.


  • Low cost
  • Looks good


  • Not likely to keep out a determined intruder for long

4. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

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Coming from one of the most respected brands in the industry, you will expect a high quality product from this Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe. It doesn’t disappoint, as it gives you a solid and dependable place to store your firearms.

Among the highlights is the simple and effective biometric access. The system can store and recognize up to 120 different fingerprints, making it ideal if you need to give access to a few different people.

It can fit in just 4 rifles, guns, and ammunition. This Barska safe has outer dimensions of 8.6” x 9.8” x 52” and inner dimensions of 6.3” x 9.7” x 52”. The overall weight of this product is 65 pounds.


  • Smooth and reliable biometric access
  • Solid and well put together
  • A good size for smaller homes


  • No fire-proofing

5. Stack-On GCB-14P Steel 14-Gun Security Cabinet

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This smart looking long gun safe measures in at 17” x 21.5” x 58” and weighs 85 pounds. It has been designed to fit in up to 14 rifles or shotguns of up to 54” in height. As usual, the advertised maximum capacity is on the generous side, so you may have a tight squeeze if you want to fit in all 14 firearms.

There is a removable top shelf that is useful for storing hand guns, documents, and any other valuables you want to protect. The overall look is very stylish, with silver accents giving the safe an extra touch of quality.

As is typically the case with Stack-On gun safes, this is a good combination of quality and price. It isn’t the best safe for sale just now but it does a fine job for a low price.


  • Excellent price
  • Does a good job


  • Probably not sturdy enough for an expensive collection of firearms


Getting a long gun safe can gives you a tremendous amount of peace of mind. If you think that bigger safes may be just too big and heavy for your home then an elegant model like this could be exactly what you need.

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