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Best In Wall Gun Safe: Keep Your Safe Hidden!

by Tom Ginevra

Finding the most secure place to store your firearms is one of the secrets to getting complete peace of mind at home. If you have a gun safe that you can rely upon then getting to sleep at night is going to be a lot easier.

How will you do this? What model will you choose to meet your security needs? Among the many options on the market right now, the in wall gun safe model is as popular as ever. This is a timeless way of keeping guns out of harm’s way that it is well worth considering.

What is this type of safe all about and why should you consider getting one?

The Basics

This is a safe that is fitted into the wall. You will have seen them on movies in the past, often hidden behind paintings to fool thieves.

The truth is that hiding your wall mounted gun safe in this way isn’t considered to be a good idea by everyone. You could lose valuable seconds when rushing to get hold of a firearm in an emergency. However, it is definitely worth considering how you can make sure that your safe isn’t easily spotted by intruders. Thankfully, most of them are designed to be easy to conceal, or simply hard to spot.

Many of the characteristics and features are similar to those found in any other type of gun safe. This means that you can typically expect to be able to choose from different types of locking mechanism, locking bolts to secure it, a manual over-ride key, and a warning beep when the door opens. You will also get a sturdy door while many models have a plush interior with removable shelving that it is easy to organize.

best in wall gun safe

Benefits of an In Wall Gun Safe

Before you get started, you may wonder why you should look for the best in wall gun safe that you can find. Are there some specific benefits that this kind of model gives you that you need to know about?

The fact is that there are some big advantages to a wall safe that you should take into account when making your decision.

  • They can be easily hidden. For many people, this is the biggest benefit to a good wall-mounted gun safe. Anyone who breaks into your home is going to find it a lot more difficult to locate your guns. Clever interior design can help to hide the safe even more, by getting it to blend on or hiding it in a location where it is hard to see.
  • They are tough to break into. Naturally, you expect any type of safe that you buy to be tough to break into. The importance of keeping firearms out of harm’s way makes this even more vital in gun safes. These wall-fitted gun safes are as sturdily built as any other type of safe. They also have the added advantage of having less surface area for intruders to attack. Only the door is on show, and this is typically the toughest part of any safe.
  • They can be located out of the reach of children. Another big concern for a lot of people is that their children might get hold of these guns. This is potentially extremely hazardous, as recent news stories have shown us. Floor standing gun safes may have their locks at a level that youngsters can tamper with, while wall-mounted models can be placed well out of their reach.
  • Different sizes are available. It is easy to think that these wall gun safes all are fairly small. After all, we tend to only see a modest sized door on display. Yet, there are a range of different sizes you can choose from. Most people go for a safe that is big enough for one or two handguns but some of them are big enough to store more than that. Remember that they are typically limited in size by the fact that they need to fit between your wall studs.
  • They are unobtrusive. One of the big issues with free-standing gun safes is that they take up a lot of room. Also, if you put one in your nightstand than it is taking up space that could be used for something else. On the other hand, a wall safe is unobtrusive and won’t cause you to have to move around your furniture to fit it in.
  • Can go in a closet. If you want a cleverly hidden gun safe then you could install one in your closet. This is a very simple and effective way of making it difficult for intruders to find.
  • Easy to install. When you see a gun safe in a wall you might think that it must have been tough to put up. Yet, this isn’t the case at all. We will look later on at the steps needed to install a safe of this type.

Who Would a Wall Mounted Gun Safe Suit?

Now that you know the basics, is a hidden wall gun safe right for you? This isn’t the only type of firearm safe around and you might wonder whether to choose this or something different.

There are probably a few different types of people who would prefer this sort of safe in their home. By taking those previous benefits into account, you can see whether this is a model that is right for you.

  • Someone with limited floor space. Clearly, not all of us want to have a giant safe taking up a lot of our floor space. If you live in an apartment or have limited floor space then this is a terrific option. There is also the fact that you simply might not want to have a big safe sitting out in your home
  • Someone who doesn’t want people to know that they have guns at home. There are many reasons for not wanting to let visitors or intruders know that you have guns at home. A hidden wall gun safe is one of the smartest ways of keeping this a secret. No-one who enters your property will know that you have a gun safe.
  • Someone with highly inquisitive children. Do you worry that curious kids could find your firearms? Of course, it is highly unlikely that they could open the tough door of a gun safe. Yet, what if they found the key or if you didn’t close the door properly? Putting a safe in a place that they can’t reach will let you breathe more easily.
  • Someone with just one or two handguns. Maybe you simply don’t need a safe that is any bigger than this. If you have just one or two handguns at home then a wall mounted safe is probably going to be big enough for your needs anyway.
  • Someone looking for a good value safe. This sort of gun safe tends to be really good value for money. If you want to get a low cost solution to your firearm storage needs then this is a sensible choice. You won’t need to pay a fortune for a safe that you fit into your wall.
  • Someone who is comfortable doing some light installation work. The good news is that these safes are a lot lighter than bigger models. This means that they are far easier to move into position. However, you will need to feel comfortable with the idea of doing some fairly light installation work.

What to Look For?

If you have decided that getting a wall-mounted gun safe is your best option then you will want to know what specifications and features to look out for. The truth is that the details are pretty much the same as with any other type of gun safe.

  • The right size. As mentioned earlier, this kind of safe comes in a variety of different sizes. Therefore, to get started you need to consider the size that best suits you. How many guns do you plan to store in here? Do you want to keep ammo, important documents, and other valuables in here as well?
  • A locking mechanism that you can trust. It is important that you can open your safe quickly and effortlessly whenever you need to. This is why many people opt for one that comes with a digital keypad fitted to it. A biometric fingerprint scanner is another sound option that allows you to open the door without any hassle, although it will almost certainly cost you more.
  • The design. It makes sense to choose a safe that is going to fit in seamlessly to your home. The right size, color, and shape will go a long way to letting the safe blend in to the surroundings.
  • Added security. There are some useful security features on the best wall-mounted gun safes that you should be aware of. For instance, they often come with a cut-away frame that hides the walls behind it, making it tougher to break into. Others may have extra thick bolts or tamper proof hinges.

How to Install the Safe

If there is one aspect of wall safes that worries you then it is probably the installation. None of us like to damage our walls but in this case it is a relatively simple process that won’t cause too much of a mess.

  • Find the right spot for it. Do you already know where you want to put your gun safe? In the bedroom is a popular location but it is important that you consider your needs and decide on the perfect spot for it.
  • Decide whether you will hide it. Will you put your safe behind a cabinet or in some other place where it isn’t obvious? You need to be able to access it quickly if needed but it also has to be somewhere that a thief wouldn’t immediately think of looking.
  • Measure up. Ideally, you will choose a location and measure the space before you buy your new safe. This will allow you to choose one that fits in perfectly. In almost every case, the best idea to make use of the space between the studs in the wall. You can locate these studs using a stud finder device.
  • Mark out the space that you need, taking into account the positions of the studs. Be careful to avoid wires and pipes while doing this. The corners of the safe need to be close enough to the studs for you to attach it to them.
  • Don’t worry too much about how you cut the wall. A good wall safe will hide the cut section. Just be sure to start off by cutting a smaller hole than you need, and then gradually make it bigger.
  • Carefully slide the safe into position and attach it to the studs through the pre-drilled holes in the walls. This final step is what allows you to have a firmly secured safe that can’t just be lifted out. Your safe should come with bolts for this task.

Check out this great video on how to install your wall safe.

Choosing the Right Location

We have looked at the importance of the location a couple of times now. Perhaps it is time to look at this matter in more detail. Specifically, how will you choose the right location?

This is an issue that deserves some thought. So, what are the points that you need to consider to get it right?

  • In the bedroom? The bedroom is where many people want to keep their guns. The simple reason is that there is a great deal of security to be felt in having a firearm close to your bed. If you hear strange noises in the night then you can very quickly arm yourself.
  • In a kid’s room? At first, the idea of storing guns in a kid’s room might seem unthinkable. Yet, there is no safety risk if they are in a safe, especially if it is too high for them to reach. The reason that this room is sometimes chosen is that intruders are less likely to look for guns in here.
  • In the living room. This might seem too obvious a hiding place, as it is a room that a burglar is going to look for valuables in. However, the benefit here is that you can more easily hide it behind books or cabinets. The kind of bulky furniture and decorations that are able to conceal a wall safe won’t look out of place in here.
  • In the kitchen. Anyone who breaks into your home isn’t likely to be too interested in your kitchen. This is why a well-hidden safe in here can be a smart move. There is a chance that the intruder completely ignores this room to look elsewhere for valuables.
  • In the closet. Most people’s closets aren’t particularly interesting for burglars. This is why they make such good places to hide gun safes. As usual, the key is in putting the safe out of sight but not in a place where you struggle to get to it.

Should You Get a Free-Standing Safe Too?

Is a wall-mounted gun safe enough for your needs? For a lot of people, this all that they need to store a handgun or two in. If you just want to feel more protected at home than this is an ideal, cost effective way of doing it very simply.

Alternatively, if you have a big collection of firearms then you might want a free-standing model too. For instance, you might want a big safe for long rifles but a wall-mounted gun safe to keep a pistol close to your bed as well.

If you are just starting out with a new gun collection then a wall mounted safe might be perfect. But will you soon outgrow it? If you are planning to buy more firearms in the future then you could soon find that this sort of safe becomes too small for you, if so, check out our massive article on the best gun safes on the market.

Each case is different, so it worth taking a few minutes to consider your own situation and needs before buying.

Best In Wall Gun Safe Reviews: Our Top 5

Bearing all of that in mind, it is time to look at a few of the best models around. Which of the following is going to be best for your needs?

1. Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe.83 CF Hidden In Wall Large Safe

The Paragon 7750 wall lock and safe is designed to fit easily between the studs in your wall. Pre-drilled holes mean that you can use to fix the anchor bolts that are included. The flat panel design means that it can also be fairly easily hidden. It measures in at 22 inches in height, 16 inches wide, and 4 inches deep.

With this wall lock and safe you get a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer. It can be opened in two different ways; with a key or by typing in the special access code that you set for it.

The construction is of 1/8” thick solid steel and it is set up to be incredibly difficult to break into even when using tools. The hinges are tamper proof and inside you get grey carpet mat padding to protect your valuables from damage, as well as a couple of removable shelves.

The PIN on the electronic lock needs to be set to a code of between 3 and 8 numbers. It weighs about 39 pounds and the color is classed as off white.


  • Good value for money
  • Solid construction, tough to break into
  • 10 year warranty


  • May be too small inside for some people’s needs

2. Stack-On PWS-15522 Wall Safe with Electronic Lock

With this Stack-On wall gun safe you get a tough-looking place to store your handguns. As is typical with the best in wall gun safes, it has been designed to fit in the space between studs on a standard wall.

This gun safe uses AA batteries to run. These batteries run the electronic lock, which works with a 3 to 8 digit code. Inside, you get a couple of removable shelves included, although they aren’t adjustable. The whole thing should be easy to set up, especially at it comes with the right mounting hardware included.

It is also possible to mount pistols inside it if you want to. This is thanks to the hook and loop straps that are fitted to the safe. You also get a key rack mounted on the door and reusable key tags too.

This safe is 13 3/4 wide. This means that is can fit perfectly between 2×4 wall studs on 16 in. centers. It weighs some 30 pounds.


  • Easy to install
  • Solid and looks good
  • Easy to organize interior


  • Some reviewers mention problems with using the keypad

3. Protex Electronic Wall Safe (PWS-1814E)

In this case, the Protex Electronic Wall Safe offers 44 cubic feet of storage space for your firearms and other valuables. A motorized locking bolt system means that the door open automatically. So, once you type in your code the door just springs open for you.

It is the right size to fit in snugly between 16” on center wall studs. You get a digital electronic locking safe with this safe. This means that you type in your secret access number to a small keypad.

Installation is simple and the flanges do a good job of hiding any mistakes that you make when cutting into the wall. Inside, you get a couple of removable shelves that make it easier to organize your belongings.

The dimensions are 18.2 x 3.9 x 14.1 inches. The safe weighs 28 but it is going to be virtually impossible to shift once you attach it firmly to the studs. Finally, it needs 4 AA batteries.


  • Automatically opening door is a nice touch
  • Simple to install
  • Electronic keypad entry


  • A few complaints about the quality of the materials have been noted

4. Flat Electronic Wall Hidden Safe .83 CF for Large Jewelry Security-Paragon Lock & Safe

Like most of the best in wall gun safe models, The Paragon Lock and Safe fits in between the studs on your wall. This makes the installation simple and not too messy.

You can open it with the keypad (using 3 to 8 numbers) or else using a key. The flat design means that it is easy to conceal behind a closet or in some other location where it is hard to spot.

It is built of 1/8″ thick solid steel and has tamper proof hinges. Anchor bolts are included, making it easy to fix the safe firmly into position. The interior has decent matting that protects your firearms from scratching.

This safe’s outer dimensions are listed as; 22″ high x 16 1/4″ wide x 4″ deep. The interior dimensions are as follows; 20.25″ high x 14.25″ wide x 3.8″ deep.


  • Good value money
  • Solid construction
  • Looks good


  • A few comments about the keypad not being fixed level

5. Paragon 7725 Flat Superior Electronic Hidden Wall Safe .83 CF for Jewelry or Small Handgun Security

The final option to look at here is the Paragon 7725 wall safe. The first point to mention here is that it comes with an impressive 10 year warranty.

Like most good models of hidden wall safe, it is easy enough to install. The frame is neatly designed to hide the drywall section you have cut, just in case you don’t get it exactly straight.

The outside dimensions are listed as 22 inches high x 16 inches wide x 4 inches deep. It is worth noting that the door opens to the right, as is the case with most in wall safes.

Construction is good, with 1/8″ thick solid steel and tamper proof hinges used. Inside, you will find gray carpet mat padding on the bottom. As you would expect, you can open the door using a key or a 3 to 8 digit number on the keypad.


  • Nice attention to detail
  • Easy to operate
  • Looks more expensive than it is


  • Some reviewers have had problems with the locking mechanism

Best In Wall Gun Safe: Conclusion

There is no doubt that this kind of safe can work wonders in making you feel more secure at home. Even better news is the fact that it is a lot easier to install and use than you might think.

By choosing a wall mounted safe you can make sure that you keep your firearms store away without cluttering up your home. If you want a highly convenient way of keeping your guns somewhere only you can get to them then this is ideal.
Don’t clutter up your home with a giant gun safe when fitting a smaller model to your wall could be the smarter choice.


Do I need to get a builder to install an in wall gun safe?

No, this is a fairly simple task that most people are happy to take on alone. We have included instructions further up in the article.

Is a wall mounted safe as secure as a free standing model?

The quality and strength of different gun safes varies widely. In general terms, these safes are sturdy and have the added benefit of being attached to the studs in your wall.

Do I get a warranty with a wall safe?

Some safe manufacturers will give you a warranty with your safe, with a few of them even going up as high as 10 year. It is a good idea to check this before buying.

Do all wall safes have doors that open to the right?

This is the most common type of door opening. Some users have suggested hanging it upside down I needed, although this would result in the keypad being upside down too.

Should I hide my wall safe behind furniture or a painting?

There are differing opinions on how best to do this. In general terms, it is good to make your safe hard to find but it is also important that you can open it easily when necessary.

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