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What Is The Best Large Capacity Gun Safe? The Top 5!

by Tom Ginevra

best large capacity gun safe

When choosing your new gun safe the size has to be one of the most important factors that you take into account. No matter how sturdy it is or how good it looks, if it isn’t big enough to hold all of your firearms then it isn’t going to be a wise purchase.

By the same token, you can’t simply rely on size without taking the security and features into account as well. This is why you should be looking to get the best large capacity gun safe that you can afford and that fills you with confidence.

Here, we will look at a few of the best big gun safes around just now. However, let’s start by considering the issues that you need to think about first of all.

If you’re in a rush, here’s our top 3.

Excellent Safe From Barska
Barska New Fireproof Fire Vault Rifle Gun Keypad Lock Safe Cabinet (19.9 cubic feet)
Our #1 Recommendation
Sports Afield Professional Series 30.05 CuFt Gun Safe, 60 min Fire Protection
Designed In The USA
NEW and Improved E.M.P Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMLD593924-blk
Barska New Fireproof Fire Vault Rifle Gun Keypad Lock Safe Cabinet (19.9 cubic feet)
Sports Afield Professional Series 30.05 CuFt Gun Safe, 60 min Fire Protection
NEW and Improved E.M.P Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMLD593924-blk
Price not available
Excellent Safe From Barska
Barska New Fireproof Fire Vault Rifle Gun Keypad Lock Safe Cabinet (19.9 cubic feet)
Barska New Fireproof Fire Vault Rifle Gun Keypad Lock Safe Cabinet (19.9 cubic feet)
Our #1 Recommendation
Sports Afield Professional Series 30.05 CuFt Gun Safe, 60 min Fire Protection
Sports Afield Professional Series 30.05 CuFt Gun Safe, 60 min Fire Protection
Price not available
Designed In The USA
NEW and Improved E.M.P Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMLD593924-blk
NEW and Improved E.M.P Proof Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMLD593924-blk

Why Big Safes Can Be Better

It is easy to think that you just need a safe that is the same size as your guns. Yet, this can lead to them being crammed in awkwardly. If you don’t have ample interior space and shelving then you could have to just push in the guns any way that they fit.

This can lead to them being damaged while in your safe or when you try to get them out again. You certainly don’t want your firearms to have scratches or bumps on them if you can help it. By having enough room to organize your collection you can ensure that they all stay in perfect condition for longer.

An even more serious issue is that you might struggle to get your guns out quickly if they are squeezed into a tight safe. Just imagine the situation if you hear an intruder in the dead of night and can’t get out a firearm to defend yourself because they are all crammed in too tightly.

So, it is clear that you can organize your guns more easily in a roomy safe. This is very important regardless of whether you own them for home security reasons, for hunting, or for some other reason.

What Capacity Do You Need?

You will typically see gun and rifle safes’ capacity in terms of how many firearms can fit inside. They might also give you the total capacity in terms of how many cubic feet of interior space they have.

This makes it seems simple, doesn’t it? After all, if you have 30 rifles you need a 30 rifle capacity safe, right? Well, life isn’t always as simple as it seems and this is a good example of when things are a bit more complicated than they first appear to be.

You see, the stated capacity for safes is typically the absolute maximum number of firearms that you could fit in. This means that if you fit 30 rifles into a 30 rifle safe you will probably need to cram together in the way that we mentioned in the last point as being worth avoiding.

How do you know how big a capacity you need, then? If you have 30 rifles then would a 35 rifle capacity safe give you a comfortable fit? What about a 40 rifle safe?

The best thing you can do is to read the details of the product thoroughly and look at the images of it. In this way, it may be clear how many gun you can fit in comfortably without the risk of damaging them.

If this doesn’t help then take a look at the reviews left by other purchasers. Many people will take the time to write detailed explanations about how many guns they managed to fit into their new safe and other relevant details. Some people even say that you should halve the stated capacity, to be completely sure that everything will fit inside.

Of course, if you want to be really scientific about it then you could look for a safe that has an advertised interior capacity shown in cubic feet. You can then work out how much space you need and compare it to the safe’s capacity.

Check out the video below for some added info on purchasing a larger gun safe.

What About the Future?

When you buy a new gun safe this is a fairly hefty investment you are making. You will want to get a model that suits you now and also long into the future. You certainly don’t want to buy a large gun safe that is soon going to be too small for you.

Therefore, it makes sense to think about the future firearms purchases you might make. If you have 30 rifles just now but like the idea of buying some more then you would be best buying a safe that will still be big enough after you expand your collection.

By planning ahead you can leave the right amount of space for the guns that you expect to buy later. This isn’t always easy to do but you should try and work out the maximum amount of space you expect to need in the foreseeable future.

What Are the Style Options?

Does getting the best large capacity gun safe for your needs mean buying a bulky, unsightly object that looks awful? Thankfully, this isn’t the case at all these days. You can keep even a big collection of firearms in a sleek, stylish safe.

If you have long guns such as rifles then you might want a long gun safe. These are typically longer and narrower, so that you can fit in a lot of guns without it taking up too much space at the sides.

Another option is a chunky, sturdy model that is wider and squatter. These are often designed with a retro look that goes very well on this size of safe.

You may also consider one of the display cabinet type of safes that are typically used by hunters. This model shows off your guns while also keeping them safely out of harm’s way.

Safety Issues to Take Into Account

Are there any additional safety issues to take into account when you buy a big gun safe that has room for lots of firearms in it? Is it more dangerous to have one of these at home than a smaller safe?

The first point to make is that a big capacity gun safe may be more tempting to criminals. If they see that you have a lot of guns at home or in your business premises then they may feel that it is worth trying harder to get hold of them.

Bearing this in mind, it is easy to see why a big gun safe should ideally have better security than a smaller model. A tough lock and walls that can’t be drilled through are essential to keep all those guns safe.

There is also the matter of the door being opened more regularly. If there are a lot of guns in there then it stands to reason that you probably open the door more often than you would with a one gun safe. This means that you will want to ensure that it has solid hinges that won’t let you down with repeated use.

Ideally, it will also have an interior door organizer and shelving to make it easy to keep everything neat and tidy. If you have a big gun or rifle collection then you probably also need to store away ammo, scopes, and other accessories as well.

Do You Share with Other People?

If you have a lot of guns in your safe then it is possible that you aren’t the only person who uses them. Sharing a gun safe with other people is a smart way of making sure that you can each access them whenever you need to, but without the risk of leaving them lying around.

In this case, the type of lock you use is vital. Are you each going to have a key that you use or have to write down the code that you need to open it with?

For big gun safes with several users, the best option is a biometric lock. This is a modern type of safe locking mechanism that can be set up to allow access to lots of different people just by scanning their fingerprints.

A big safe like this can also be used for mixed purposes if that suits you. For example, you could fit in a few guns and then other items such as cash and important documents.

Delivery and Installation Matters

A common worry with large gun safes is the delivery aspect. After all, these safes typically weigh something like 400 to 600 pounds. Most companies will only promise to deliver your safe to the point of entry to your home and leave it there.

Will you then need to move it up or down stairs? Will it fit through the doors? Will the floor be strong enough to bear the immense weight?

It seems clear that you will need to plan this well in advance. Ideally, you will be able to get hold of some burly friends to help you to move the safe into place. You need to be really careful not to injure yourself when moving this giant gun safe into position.

As for the installation, the process is usually pretty similar to what you find with smaller safes. This means that you bolt it down to the floor in most cases.

However, the sheer size and weight of the safe makes this more difficult. The best approach would be to get the holes pre-drilled. You can then move it into place with the help of the people who are there to move it into your home with you.

What About Building One?

Since we are talking about massive safes here, you might wonder whether it is a good move to build one instead. There are certainly some advantages to doing this.

For instance, you won’t have those delivery issues we looked at earlier. You might also be able to take advantage of the walls in a basement or small room to make it even stronger and tougher to break into.

On the negative side, this is likely to be a massive, complicated job to carry out. Not everyone has the time, the skills or the patience to carry out this kind of project.

Would Several Smaller Safes Be Better?

Another option to think about is that of using a number of different safes instead of one large model. There are a few situations in which this can be a good move.

  • You don’t have space for a single, high capacity safe
  • You want to have access to firearms in different parts of the property, or spread over various properties
  • You don’t want the hassle of moving and installing a mammoth safe
  • You like the flexibility of growing your collection in the way that suits you best, rather than being limited by the size of your gun safe

Best Large Capacity Gun Safe: The Top 5!

Having looked at the different issues so far, you should be ready to look at some models now. The following are a few of the top models that you might be interested in.

Sports Afield 6040 Waterproof 40 Gun Safe

This huge, robust gun safe has room for 40 + 8 guns inside it. It weighs a mighty 550 pounds and looks as solid as you would expect from a safe of this size. You get a programmable, illuminated electronic lock for easy access. The walls, ceiling, and floor are all made out of tough 14 gauge steel.

In terms of the fireproofing, this Sports Afield safe has been proven to stand up to temperatures of 1200oF for 40 minutes. This is mainly due to the triple seal technology that includes seals against water, fire, and smoke. Because of this, you get a lifetime warranty that covers you in case of theft, fire, or natural flood. The external dimensions are 60″ x 40″ x 22″.


  • Big, sturdy gun safe
  • Decent level of fire protection
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • None identified (honestly!)

Steelwater Heavy Duty 39 Long Gun Safe

This impressive looking gun safe is a great place to store up to maybe 30 long guns, although the maximum stated capacity is actually 39. It comes with a door organizer that makes life a lot easier when it comes to putting all of your accessories and other valuables in a secure, easy to find spot. It uses a combination lock with the option of upgrading to a digital keypad.

This is a heavily reinforced safe that uses 18 1 ½” solid steel locking bolts, together with a 12 gauge body and composite door. Exterior dimensions are as follows; 59″ x 39″ x 24″. This powerful gun safe also comes with fire protection, giving you up to an hour of withstanding temperatures of up to 1875oF. The overall weight is 689 pounds and it comes packed with useful security features to give you greater peace of mind.


  • Excellent strength with reinforced security features
  • Lots of interior room and different ways of organizing the space
  • Very easy to set up and get started with


  • Some users state that it only holds up to 15 guns comfortably and may not fit in guns with optics.

Winchester BD-5942-36-10M Win Big Daddy Series Gun Safe

Weighing in at 806 pounds, this Big Daddy gun safe from Winchester has an imposing presence. It is also fireproof, having been proven to withstand temperatures of up to 1400oF for 75 minutes. The heat expanding door seal expands to over 6 times its original size, to stop heat and smoke from getting in to do any damage.

It uses an electronic lock and an auxiliary re-locker keeps the active bolt locked into position when it comes under attack. Inside, the gun rack and fixed top shelf make it easy to organize your firearms and accessories in the way that best suits you.


  • Big, well-designed safe
  • Good range of security features make it extremely tough to break into
  • Decent value for money option


  • Strong chemical smell can take a long time to disappear

Stack-On SS-16-MB-E 16 Gun Security Safe

Coming from one of the best-known gun safe manufacturers, this Stack-On model is a big, rugged safe that is fitted with an electronic lock. It is marketed as being a 16 gun safe, but expect to fit in some 12 firearms or so if you want them to be nearly stored away without cramming them together. At 168 pounds it is a good deal lighter than many of the best large capacity gun safe options out there.

You get a removable shelf included, as well as a two tray organizer that can be used for storing ammo and other accessories. With a 5-point locking system this is a reasonably secure place to keep your guns, although there are tougher models on the market if you want the highest possible level of protection.


  • Decent value for money
  • Lighter and smaller than many big capacity safes, so may be more suitable for some homes
  • Electronic lock


  • Isn’t the sturdiest gun safe on the market

Cannon Safe All Rifle 5936 All Rifle, Charcoal Grey

Weighing in at 458 pounds and with capacity for 42 guns, this is a big, solid safe of the no-nonsense variety. It also has a 45 minute fire rating for added peace of mind. The interior is attractively laid out and there is a door organizer kit together with a shelf to make life simpler for you.

This safe uses an electronic lock and has a good selection of reinforced security features to make it tougher to break into. These include 4 inch locking bolts, tru-lock internal hinges, and a triple hard plate for added lock protection. This Cannon gun safe comes with the company’s lifetime replacement promise too.


  • Good range of security features
  • Plenty of space, although don’t expect the advertised 42 gun capacity
  • Easy to organize interior


  • A few issues reported with the lock failing


Getting the right big gun safe can make life a lot simpler for you. These are excellent places to store a number of guns, provided that you make a wise choice. Don’t settle for cramming your firearms into a tight space when you can find the right model with a bit of shopping around.


How many guns do the biggest gun safes hold?

You will find gun safes advertised with a capacity of 30, 40 or more firearms. However, this is the absolute maximum figure and it is far more likely that you only feel comfortable storing a lesser number of guns in here.

Are bigger safes better built?

There is no guarantee that a larger gun safe will be of better quality than a smaller model. It is important that you check the exact details of any model you are interested in, regardless of the size.

Are the largest gun safes very heavy?

Those that are solidly built using reinforced materials tend to be extremely heavy. Lighter models will usually have been constructed using lower quality materials and will be less robust.

Are big gun safes more expensive?

A well-built safe that has room for numerous firearms will cost more than a similar but smaller model due to the extra materials used. It may eventually come down to whether you prefer to pay more for added security or are just happy to have a reasonably sturdy place to store your guns.

What features should I look for?

This largely comes down to your own personal preferences and the use that you plan for it. However, in general terms it is worth looking for an easy to organize interior and an electronic lock that can be accessed by several people (if needed).

Are bigger safes easier to break into?

It really depends upon the construction and the quality of the materials used. There is no reason why a quality safe should be easier to break into just because of its size. On the other hand, the greater weight of these models can make them more difficult for criminals to simply carry off.

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