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Can A Gun Safe Be Too Dry?

by Tom Ginevra

can a gun safe be too dry

Finding the perfect storage conditions for your guns will let you keep them in excellent condition for longer. While looking into this matter, many people worry about whether the humidity levels in their safe are too high for their firearms. Yet, might the opposite case also be a problem?

If you live somewhere with a dry climate then you might wonder whether it is just too dry inside your gun safe. It might also be that you have been using a powerful dehumidifier for a while and have noticed that it seems to be doing its job just a little bit too well.

So, can a gun safe be too dry? Or is it a case of the drier the better? Let’s take a look at the different factors that you need to know about.

What Damage Can Be Done?

The first point to cover here is whether an overly dry safe can cause any sort of damage to a gun. It is fair to say that this isn’t as serious an issue as a safe that is too humid, as this can cause rust to set in fairly quickly. However, it can still lead to some damage being done in the long term.

If the humidity levels fall too low your main concern will be that the stocks could dry out and crack. It can be especially worrying if the humidity levels vary a lot during the year. A consistently low humidity level is unlikely to be as dangerous as one that varies greatly.

How to Check If This is a Problem

The next step you need to take is to find out your current humidity level. This can be done using a hydrometer. It is a simple sort of tool lets you quickly measure the humidity in the air.

So, how dry is too dry for a gun safe? About 50% is the perfect level for keeping your firearms nice and comfortable. If it falls below 40% then it is probably too dry and there is the danger of cracked stocks to think about.

Be sure to carry out this check a few times a year. Naturally, the humidity level of a gun safe can vary according to the seasons. However, some owners also report issues with their safes gradually becoming drier and drier over time.

How to Raise the Humidity Level?

What if you detect a level of humidity that is lower than you would like? The solution here can be to remove any dehumidifier that you have been using. It could be that the environment is naturally dry enough for this to not be necessary.

You should then check the levels again after removing the dehumidifier. If it is now more humid than you would like (above 60% is probably too high) then you might want to try a less effective dehumidifier. You might need to try a few different approaches before getting it just right.

If you live in the desert then you might find that your gun safe has a very low humidity level without you doing anything to cause it. In this case, you could consider using a gun dry pack for added peace of mind.

This is simply a special sort of bag that you put the gun in before sucking out the air. This creates a vacuum inside it, meaning that the firearm is protected from any potential damage that could be caused to it by environmental issues. Of course, this also means that the gun isn’t as easily accessible in case of emergency.

Other Possible Solutions

In some houses, the humidity levels vary a lot from one room to another. For instance, basements are typically damper than other rooms. Therefore, it makes sense to check out each part of the house where you think you might want to put your safe.

Is it naturally dry enough to store your guns here? Or would you need to do something to make it suitable for them? You might find that you have the perfect spot somewhere that you hadn’t considered putting the safe before now.

It is also worth remembering that regularly cleaning and oiling your guns is one of the best ways of protecting them from the elements. Make regular maintenance a part of your annual routine and you will soon begin to notice when a firearm is too dry.


Not every gun owner takes enough time to consider the humidity of their safe. Even if they do, it is a task that is often carried out while thinking purely about the dangers of there being too much humidity in the air.

An overly dry gun isn’t as dramatic or as noticeable as one that is too humid. Yet, it can also lead to problems in the future if you don’t do something about it before it is too late.

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