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Gun Safes 101: The Different Styles

by Tom Ginevra

With more than 2 million home burglaries reported in the US each year, it is no surprise to see that having a gun at home is now a priority for many of us. Of course, doing this also means getting a gun safe to keep it out of harm’s way.

Once you have made the decision to buy a gun safe then you will feel as though a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Yet, there are still some issues to clear up before you relax completely.

For instance, what style of gun safe is going to suit you best?

A Wall Safe

This type of gun safe is typically fairly compact in size. They are most suitable for handguns and perhaps for storing a few important documents in there too.

An issue to bear in mind with wall safes is that simply fitting them to dry walls isn’t a particularly secure method of attaching them. One of these safes should really be embedded in concrete or a brick wall for extra security.

This is a good option for smaller properties without a lot of floor space. It can also be relatively easy to conceal this type of safe by covering it up, if you don’t want people to know you have a safe, for whatever reason, an in wall gun safe is the way to go.

A Floor Safe

This kind of gun safe is typically big and heavy. For added security you can also bolt them down to the floor so that they can’t just be lifted up and taken away by burglars.

It is possibly the right safe for you if you have a number of firearms or want a powerful visual deterrent to scare off burglars. Ideally, you will put it in a corner where it is surrounded by concrete walls for extra protection.

There are many different types of floor safe around, with varying types of opening methods and designs. Of course, just because a floor safe is big doesn’t mean that it is going to give you the security that you need.

You also need to take into account other issues such as the thickness of the steel and whether it is fireproof. Once you find one that meets all of your requirements then you will feel a tremendous sense of security every time that you see it.

In-Floor Safes

Another option is to use your floor to hide your safe. This gives you some of the advantages of the other types of safe, as this can be big, firmly secured and easily hidden.

Many people choose to put an in-floor safe in their basement, where it can be firmly anchored and is likely to be better protected in the case of fire breaking out. As with the wall safes, this style of gun safe has to be securely fitted to concrete for the best possible strength.

If you don’t have a basement or concrete floor then this may not be the best choice for you, though.

Bedside Gun Safes

Since a lot of homeowners prefer to have a gun beside their bed, it makes perfect sense to think of using a bedside gun safe for added security. These models tend to be small and can be attached to the nightstand, the wall, or the floor under the bed.

This is typically used for a handgun that can be pulled out quickly in the middle of the night if needed. Therefore, fast and easy access in the dark is one of the most crucial issues here.

These gun safes aren’t usually as sturdy as some of the other types, especially those that are only attached to a nightstand. However, they carry out a useful function in letting you get to sleep safe in the knowledge that you have a firearm close to hand.

Portable Gun Safe

In this case, you can choose a small and portable gun safe that you are able to take anywhere with you, in your car or in a handbag. These tend to be good value and fairly sturdy, although it is clear that they simply don’t offer the same level of security as a fixed model.

This kind of safe is perhaps most suitable for someone who values their personal safety highly or who has to travel with a gun for professional reasons. It is unlikely that you will view this as being your main gun safe but it does give you a great deal of flexibility when you are out and about a lot.


By carefully considering the options you can find the ideal safe for your firearms. It may be that you choose more than one style, for different rooms and situations.

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