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Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe Review

by Tom Ginevra

Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun SafeWith the Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault you get a quality, sturdy place to store 1 or 2 handguns that could prove to be perfect.

This is among the smaller gun safes on the market but a step up in size from the most compact models. Therefore, it could prove to be the right model for a household with more than one gun in it or with the need to protect other valuables as well.

With easy access using a No-Eyes keypad and durable construction, this is an extremely safe place to keep the things that matter most to you. No longer will you have to worry about whether someone unauthorized could manage to get hold of your firearms without your knowledge.

The Size and Weight

The dimensions of this safe are 15 x 10.5 x 8.2 inches and it contains two levels of storage. There are smaller gun safes on the market right now but they tend to only have room inside for one firearm.

On the other hand, the Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault has room for multiple firearms or for important documents in addition to one firearm. This makes it a good choice if you have room at home for something a bit bigger than the basic handgun safes that are smaller but less versatile.

Having said that, you will be limited to handguns and pistols in here, rather than bigger guns.
The weight is 9.7 pounds, which makes it heavier than most portable handgun safes but lighter than the majority of bigger safes around.

What The GunVault GV2000S Looks Like

This is an attractive safe that looks dependable and robust. The 16 gauge steel housing is powerful and gives a sense of immense security.

Inside, there is a soft protective layer that keeps the firearms nice and safe. Overall, it is the sort of powerful and professional looking safe that you will be proud to have at home.

The Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault will look great anywhere in the house and comes with bolt holes that you can use to fit it securely to just about any surface.

The solid looks are certainly a big part of the appeal of this safe and you will enjoy having it in your home.

How to Access Your Guns

The safe comes with a No-Eyes keypad that makes it a simple task to open even when it is dark in the house. This is a keypad that is laid out to be easy to use and that gives audio feedback for correct entries.

It also has a feature that blocks entry after a number of incorrect entries. These are back up keys included to allow for access if the keypad is disabled or the battery runs out. One 9V alkaline battery is needed.

Another useful feature is that the audio can be disabled to allow the safe to be opened in silent mode. Once opened you get access to the two levels of the safe with the guns or documents sitting on top of the foam liner.

Value for Money

The Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault is a terrific value option that will help you to keep your home and family a lot more protected without spending too much on it. It works out as being more expensive than smaller handgun safes that only fit one firearm but less so than many bigger safes on the market.

Once you buy this safe and feel the comfort of having it at home you are almost certain to feel that it has been money well spent.


  • Easy to open without looking or in complete darkness
  • Ready to mount firmly anywhere you want to put it
  • Useful 5 year warranty
  • Very sturdily built and with high strength locks that give excellent protection
  • Internal light for easier access in the dark


  • Not the quietest safe to open, which is important for some people
  • Not everyone manages to open it as easily as they should

Customer Reviews

As is typically the case with online customer reviews, the comments show a great range of diverse opinions on the Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault safe. Many people report that they are delighted with how easy it is to use, while others aren’t quite to convinced by it.

It makes sense to look through these comments and work out which of the comments are most relevant to your own situation. For instance, once you see that people are happy with the speed of access and overall suitability of this safe you may be more comfortable about buying one.

On the other hand, the sight of a few negative comments about the strength of the upper shelf may give you cause for concern if you are planning on putting a heavy gun up there.


This is a smart purchase for someone who wants to store more than one firearm or else put in some documents or money with their gun. It comes in at a very reasonable price and does a sound job in keeping your valuables safe.

You might find that this is the perfect combination of size and price for what you need. It isn’t the biggest safe around but for the purposes of keeping your home safer it should be good enough to cover your needs at an affordable price.

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