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Stack-On GCB-8RTA Gun Safe Review

by Tom Ginevra

Stack-On GCB-8RTA reviewThis Stack-On GCB-8RTA gun cabinet offers a low cost and effective way of storing a number of rifles and shotguns in a lockable and reasonably lightweight safe.

With enough room for a decent sized rifle or shotgun collection and a flexible storage system, this is the kind of gun cabinet that should appeal to many people, especially those looking for a good long gun safe for the money.

Those gun owners looking for the sturdiest model around might find it a bit too lightweight for their needs but everyone else should definitely take a look at this model.

The Size and Weight

You can store up to 8 rifles or shotgun in this Stack-On GCB-8RTA gun cabinet. However, some purchasers have advised that if they are rifles with optics then it may be a tight squeeze.

A removable top shelf gives a good deal of flexibility when it comes to storing other firearms in here as well.

While it may appear to be relatively light and flimsy when compared to other gun safes on the market, it is good to see that it is advertised as being a California-approved firearm storage cabinet that meets the requirements of the penal code section 23655.

The overall weight is a little over 51 pounds, while the dimensions are 17 x 11 x 53 inches. If you want to make it more secure then you can use the pre-drilled bolt holes to fix it to the wall or to the floor.

What The Stack-On GCB-8RTA Looks Like

With an attractive black finish, this steel rifle cabinet will look good in any setting. It has a tall and slim style that makes it look stylish and like a nice piece of furniture.

It fairly clear from the looks that this is a practical rifle cabinet rather than a top security gun safe, so it is likely to suit some people more than others. Certainly, if you want a good looking addition to your home that also carries out an important task simply then this is a fine option.

If you don’t want a bulky and unsightly gun safe cluttering up the house then this is a nice cabinet that you will be happy to add to your home.

How to Access Your Guns

You can store up to 8 rifles or shotgun in this Stack-On GCB-8RTA gun cabinet, with room for ammo or handguns if you want as well. However, some purchasers have advised that if they are rifles with optic then it may be a tight squeeze.

It is 52” tall and if you have 8 rifles then it may take a bit of work to fit them all in neatly and ready to take out easily.

As for the opening mechanism, it is a classic lock style cabinet that you open with a key. The reviews that have been made online don’t mention any problems with opening or closing the door.

If you take advantage of the flexibility on offer with the shelf and barrel rests then you can have everything neatly stored away and ready to take out for instant use when needed.

Value for Money

With a relatively cheap price tag, this is a great value gun safe. If you want to keep a number of firearms securely locked away then the Stack-On GCB-8RTA Security Plus cabinet lets you do this without spending too much money.

At this price, you won’t be surprised to see that it isn’t really the toughest and most durable gun cabinet in the world. However, it is a purchase that is well worth the money if you simply want a decent way of keeping your guns out of harm’s way without paying a lot of money for it.


  • Spacious cabinet with room for a number of firearms
  • Easy opening mechanism
  • Simple to assemble
  • Good looking
  • Great value for money
  • California approved firearm storage cabinet


  • Not the sturdiest gun safe on the market
  • You may struggle to fit in the advertised 8 rifles
  • Some cabinets have arrived slightly damaged due to poor packaging

Customer Reviews


As you would expect from such a large number of reviews, the comments cover a wide range of negative and positive matters.

For instance, one of the great things about gun safe reviews is that so many people leave useful tips on customizing the basic model to meet different needs. A lot of the comments for this safe mention clever ideas for making it even better.

Among the highlights is the fact that it offers a very good value way to store a number of firearms. The more negative comments tended to criticize the build quality and the relatively poor quality packaging.


If your main concern is to keep some firearms away from the kids or from lying about the house then this is a smart choice. The low cost and ease of use make it a purchase that you are unlikely to ever regret.

On the negative side, this isn’t the toughest or most durable gun safe around. It isn’t fireproof and it isn’t tough enough to withstand a sustained attack for long but it does the job that most people ask of it.

Therefore, by taking a few minutes to consider what your priorities are it should be a lot easier to work out whether this is the right choice or not.

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