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Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Tactical Security Cabinet

by Tom Ginevra

The Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Tactical Security Cabinet offers a big, secure place in which to store up to 14 rifles under lock and key.

This is an attractive cabinet that also does an important job in keeping firearms out of the wrong hands. It is adaptable enough to meet many people’s needs and gives a useful option for more home security without looking too chunky or awkward.

Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Size and Weight

Coming in at just over 97 pounds, this security cabinet isn’t the heaviest around but it is likely to be sturdy enough for most people’s needs.

As with many other good gun safes or cabinets out there, it is easy to bolt it to the wall or floor for added security if you are worried about thieves just lifting it up. This makes it a lot more difficult for intruders to just carry it away with them.

In terms of the size, the dimensions are 18 x 21 x 55 inches. It is advertised as being big enough for 2 tactical weapons and up to 14 standard sized rifles or shotguns, it’s one of the more popular long gun safes.

The roomy interior can also be modified fairly easily thanks to the removable shelving. In this way, it is possible to adapt it to different needs by storing handguns, ammo or important documents.

What It Looks Like

The great looks of this gun cabinet is one of the outstanding features. The Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Tactical Security Cabinet has a very smart appearance while also appearing tough at the same time.

A black finish with silver and gray touches gives it a distinctive look that stands out from the crowd. It has the sort of timeless look that most people will love.

The interior has adjustable shelving and barrel rests that make it easy to use. It’s a fairly basic look inside but it is well enough designed to do the job of protecting the firearms from damage.

How to Access Your Guns

This model has a standard locking mechanism that is operated by a key. It is simple to operate and doesn’t present any problems in getting access to the firearms inside it.

As with any gun cabinet that is designed for holding a number of guns, it is important that you organize them in order to make it easy to take them out. By spending some time finding the right layout it is possible to make getting hold of your firearms as simple as you want it to be.

Value for Money

The price is a good value gun cabinet but not the cheapest on the market right now.

For this amount of money you get an attractive product that will do a good job of keeping your firearms well protected. The price is probably just about right, as it is more impressive then cheaper models but not as tough as ones that cost a fair bit more.

If you want a big and spacious gun cabinet that does a good job but doesn’t cost a fortune then this is a good option. The Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Tactical Security Cabinet comes with a limited one year warranty but you should expect to get many years of good service without problems.


  • Limited one year warranty
  • Enough room for a big and varied firearms collection
  • California Department of Justice approved as being suitable for safely storing firearms in
  • Good balance of value for money and quality
  • Adjustable to allow for varying collections of firearms to fit in comfortably


  • There have been instances of the cabinet arriving damaged
  • Not everyone finds the installation particularly easy to do

Customer Reviews

When we look more in depth we can see that a lot of people who bought the Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Tactical Security Cabinet were delighted with the value for money aspect. It was also pointed out by several people that it is very easy to set up and get started with.

Other useful comments mention how easy it is to modify this safe to allow for different firearm collections to be easily accommodated without any problem.

As with many of the low price gun safes and cabinets on sale just now, relatively poor packaging resulted in one two buyers receiving a slightly dented or damaged product.

There are some different opinions on how good the instructions are and how easy it is to set up. The majority of reviewers didn’t have any problems but some people found it more difficult than it should be.


As a gun cabinet that comes in at a good price but also provides a good level of protection, the Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Tactical Security Cabinet does a great job.

It will definitely keep your kids from getting their hands on your firearms and will at least give intruders a tough time if they try and prise it open. It isn’t going to stop a determined intruder from getting in, though, and it won’t help a lot in the case of a fire either.

This is a popular choice of gun cabinet for some good reasons, as it meets a demand for exactly this level of security at this price. The fact that a high percentage of purchasers appear to be satisfied with their new gun cabinet is a good sign and should help to give you the confidence to go ahead and buy it if you like how it sounds.

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