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Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Safe Review

by Tom Ginevra

The Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Fire Protection safe is a smart choice if you want a top quality gun safe with a reasonable degree of fire protection. This model is a bit more expensive than many of the cheapest home gun safes around but it provides enough features to still make it feel like a good value purchase.

With 45 minutes of fire protection at 1550 degrees, digital keypad entry, and 14 gauge steel, the specification for this gun safe certainly promise a secure place to store your firearms.

It is advertised as being roomy enough inside to handle up to 16 long guns, although the manufacturer also gives the average as being 8 to 10, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a long gun safe. You can easily customize this safe to house your own firearm collection safely and comfortably.

Steelwater Standard Duty Size and Weight

This is a big, heavy gun safe that really looks and feels the part. The Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Fire Protection safe weighs in at a mighty 305 lbs.

The external dimensions are 59” x 22” x 16”, with an extra 2 3/4” for the handle. The interior measures 55 1/4” x 19″ x 9” and has a capacity of 7.44 cubic ft with a designated usable capacity of 5.47 cubic ft.

The maximum capacity is given as 16 long guns but some users have said that this is probably too tight a fit.

Despite the impressive weight of this gun safe, it is still worth bolting it down to the floor to deter intruders from taking it away with them. It is also worth pointing out that fixing it to the floor has the added advantage of removing any risk of it toppling over.

It is a good idea to make sure that you have room to put this safe in the desired location before you buy it.

What It Looks Like

Sturdy and professional looking, this is a safe that immediately lets people know not to mess with it. The 14 gauge steel used in the construction makes it look extremely strong but it is also attractive as well. A polished chrome digital keypad and a powder coat black finish add to the sensation that this is a top class safe.

The interior has also been well designed, with a section gun rack and shelves that can be adjusted or removed to meet your needs perfectly.

This is the kind of good looking gun safe that would look great in a living room, in a garage, in an office, or in a sports club. It is immediately obvious upon first sight that this is a good quality model that isn’t going to let anyone break into it easily.

How to Access Your Guns

The digital keypad uses 3 to 8 digit codes and can be easily re-programmed with the code that best suits you. It runs off a single 9 volt alkaline battery and there is also an emergency bypass key included with this product.

Inside, it is worth taking some time to customize the shelving and gun rack to make access easier. Previous purchasers suggest that it is relatively easy to do this, and it is definitely something that will make life easier in the event of an emergency.

Value for Money

This model of gun safe is a step up from the cheapest budget safes on sale just now. However, it is fair to say that it is also a step up in terms of quality and sturdiness as well.

This is an excellent safe for the price and gives far better protection than you would get from a bargain basement model. It is also worth pointing out it is fire rated for 45 minutes worth of protection, which is something that you won’t get on a really cheap safe.

Overall, the price seems very reasonable if you are looking for a higher standard of gun safe but don’t want to pay the really high prices of premium models.


  • 45 minutes fire protection
  • Good quality construction
  • Big, heavy safe that inspires confidence
  • Easy to customize
  • Terrific value for money


  • You may not fit in quite as many firearms as you first expected to

Customer Reviews


The excellent ratings are also reflected in the positive comments that purchasers have left online. The vast majority of comments praise the quality of this gun safe and state that it does exactly what they bought it for.

It has been recommended that buyers take care in reading the delivery instructions. The size and weight of this gun safe mean that it is going to require a bit of effort to get it exactly where you want it to be. Of course, once it is in place you can expect it to be there for a very long time.

Some minor negative points were brought up but there appears to be nothing in the reviews to put you off buying this gun safe if it meets your needs.


There is no doubt that a lot of people love the Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Fire Protection safe. It is absolutely perfect for many people’s needs because it can house a big firearm collection, offers fire protection, and is tough to break into but doesn’t cost a fortune.

If you have a number of guns and are worried about how to store them then this could turn out to be the perfect solution. It does the job of keeping firearms safe from harm effectively and without any fuss.

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