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5 Key Reasons You Need a Biometric Safe

by Tom Ginevra

reasons you need a biometric safeWhen you are considering the type of safe you need then how you can open it has to be one of the main concerns. Making the right choice here is going to make your life easier as well as making it more difficult for others to get their hands on your firearms.

While the traditional type of lock that opens with a key remains popular, there are currently loads of other options you can look into.

For example, a biometric safe is a smart choice for giving you a secure and easy way to access your guns. There are some powerful reasons for choosing this type of safe right now, with the following being a few of the very best reasons to bear in mind.

No Key to Lose or Codes to Forget

Who hasn’t lost their keys or forgotten an important code at some point in their lives? Most of us have so many things to think about on a daily basis that it is easy for something like this to slip our minds.

Perhaps even worse than the risk of not being able to access your firearms is the situation in which you make it easy for an intruder to get in. Would you end up just leaving the keys next to the safe or writing the code on a slip of paper that anyone could find?

With biometric access there is absolutely nothing for you to lose or forget. The most common and affordable type involves using your fingerprint to open the safe, while more advanced types use retina scans.

Quick and Easy to Open

Another issue that many gun owners have with their safes is the time it takes to open them. Just imagine that you hear noises in your house in the dead of night and want to get out a gun from your bedside safe as quickly and safely as possible.

Hunting for the key or punching in the code could lose you valuable seconds in a highly stressful situation like this. On the other hand, a biometric safe gives you instant access with absolutely no fuss at all.

You can always access your guns simply and smoothly each and every time that you need them. No more fumbling with keys or trying to remember which code is for your bank card and which is for your gun safe.

It is worth bearing in mind that it is a good idea to scan your finger in a number of different positions, so that the safe is sure to recognize you no matter how you place your fingers on the scanner. In the same way, you might like to take some time to scan a few different fingers as well.

Even if it is dark you will still be able to open a safe like this, although some people like to put a low light next to the safe to avoid any problems.

Keep Intruders and Inquisitive Kids Out

Of course, in many houses there are a couple of different dangers that we need to be aware of. While we definitely want to stop intruders from getting easy access to our firearms, we also need to keep inquisitive kids from getting their hands on them as well.

If we hide the keys somewhere in the house that an intruder would never look then one of our children might find them. Equally, one of the kids might see the code being punched in one day and try it for himself when he is alone.

Biometric access makes sense for keeping out everyone who shouldn’t be touching your guns, simply because no-one on the planet can imitate your fingerprint. Therefore, it is the best option for being sure that there is absolutely no way for an unauthorized person to get in.

Give Access to Other People You Trust

Another great advantage to biometric safes is that you can easily give access to the other people that you trust. Rather than physically pass them the key or remind them of the code, you can simply get them to scan their fingerprints in the same way that you did with your own.

This is a highly convenient and no-fuss solution that lets you give access to everyone who might one day need it. Even if someone very rarely uses the safe there is absolutely no risk of them forgetting their code or losing the key.

Simply get everyone who is going to need access to scan their fingerprints. From this point on they will be able to get in to the guns whenever they need to. There is no need for you to be there while they do it or to arrange access each and every time.

You can then add and remove access as you need, which makes life simple and allows you to maintain full control of who can get hold of the firearms stored in the safe.

An Incredibly High Level of Security for a Good Price

Taking all of the previous points into consideration, we can see that a good biometric safe is something that gives you an incredibly high level of security at home. You will feel extremely well protected once you see that you can store your firearms away so easily and securely.

You could be forgiven for thinking that this sort of security comes at a high price. Yet, this isn’t the case at all, thankfully.

Indeed, the best value biometric gun safes offer excellent value for money. The typical cost isn’t that much more than you would pay for a traditional safe with key access, making it a very smart purchase.

Eye retina scan technology is still more expensive than fingerprint scanners but we can expect this price to drop over time as it becomes more widespread. For the moment, a biometric gun safe that scans your fingerprints offers an affordable and highly recommended way of keeping your firearms out of harm’s way at all times.

Don’t leave anything to chance when there are some terrific biometric safes that you could choose from without spending a fortune, check out our top 10 best gun safes for a few of our top picks.

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