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Best Way To Bolt Down A Safe (Gun Safe Tips!)

by Tom Ginevra

Getting a high-quality gun safe is a terrific way of increasing the security you and your family feel at home. If you choose a sturdy model that suits your needs then you will immediately feel the peace of mind that this brings with it.

Yet, might you feel that you need extra security measures to get the maximum amount of benefit out of your new safe? In that case, it can make sense to think about bolting down the safe to the floor.

This isn’t a massive job but to do it well you need to take some important points into mind. The following is the best way to bolt down a safe without it becoming a huge hassle.

best way to bolt down a safe

The Benefits of Bolting Down a Safe

It is clear that a bolted down safe is a lot tougher to steal than one that is free-standing. For a start, any thief won’t be able to just lift it up and carry it away with them, no matter how strong they are. Even a group of robust thieves won’t be able to just pick it up between them.

A safe that isn’t bolted down is also easier to work on and manipulate. If it is firmly fixed then it is a lot more awkward to attack.

The fact that it is bolted down also means that you can hide the walls of the safe out of sight. Intruders can’t just drill through them if they can’t even see them. By choosing the spot wisely you can use the walls of your home as an extra barrier, especially if you bolt it down in the corner of a room.

Who Can Do This Job?

The idea of bolting down a gun safe might seem fairly difficult if you haven’t done anything like this before. You may worry about whether you have the skills or the strength to do this on your own.

The truth is that anyone can do this without any problems. It only requires some very basic DIY skills and some commonly used tools. If you have the right tools then it doesn’t require a lot of strength either.

One issue to be aware is that you need to move the safe back and forward a little before the task is completed. If it is a particularly heavy model then it is possible that you need some help to do this safely.

There is no reason to fear this task but you do need to take sensible safety precautions. For example, you will want to ensure that you understand how the drill works before you get started with it.

If you are happy to give this a try then take your time and approach it calmly. Do a good job and you will get an immense feeling of satisfaction out of this task.

Choose the Right Room

Moving a safe that has been bolted to the floor isn’t impossible. However, it definitely makes sense to avoid this if you can. This means that choosing the right room to start with will save you from having to think about making changes in the future.

Ideally, you will decide where to put it and measure the space before you even choose a gun safe. In this way, you can choose the right model for the room also look at the best way to bolt down a safe there.

Do you want to have your firearms close to hand in the bedroom? Perhaps you would prefer to put them on show in the living room if you can? Alternatively, if you have a basement then this can be an ideal spot for your safe to go.

There are pros and cons to putting your gun safe in any of the different parts of your house. Some people like to have their firearms close to their bed in case of emergencies. Other prefer to have them hidden out of sight of intruders.

In addition, you need to think about the strength and suitability of the floor. Will it withstand the weight comfortably? How easy will it be to drill here and will you regret drilling holes in this particular floor?

Overall, it simply depends upon your needs and wants. Spend some time thinking about it and you should be able to come up with the right location.

Pick the Right Spot in the Room

The most important aspect of the location of your bolted-down safe is how easy it will be easy to access and open. You definitely don’t want to fix it somewhere that makes life awkward for you if you need to get a gun out in a hurry.

There is also the point mentioned earlier about whether to hide it out of sight or make it clearly visible. Do you want to make your gun safe a feature of your home or would you rather ensure that anyone who breaks in can’t find it easily?

Another point to consider is that you don’t want a heavy, bulky safe getting in the way all the time. This is why most people put them against the wall or in some other unobtrusive place.

There is no need to rush into this decision. Why not move your safe from one spot to another to see how it looks and fits? You can leave it there for a few hours or a few days without bolting it down, in order to see whether this looks like the perfect location.

Choose a Cement Floor If You Can

A safe can be bolted onto any type of floor. Yet, it stands to reason that the sturdier the floor the more secure the safe will be.

A concrete floor is ideal, which is one of the reasons why basements are such a popular choice for doing this in. Once your safe is fixed here no-one is going to be moving it any time soon.

If you have the option of pouring a new concrete floor then this is definitely worth doing. However, if you have a wooden floor then there is nothing to stop you from attaching your safe to it instead.

Again, this is a factor to take into account when deciding which room to choose. If you are able to use a cement floored room then you should definitely do this.

Check out these great tips on bolting a gun safe into concrete!

Look for the Pre-Drilled Holes on the Safe

All good, modern gun safes have pre-drilled holes in them. These are the holes that you can use to secure your safe to the floor with a minimum of fuss.

In order to find them, you will need to open the door of the safe and look inside it. The holes could be in the middle of the floor or they could be around the edge of it instead. It may have just one hole or it may have more of them.

You should then mark on the floor the spots where the bolts need to go. Just use a pencil or marker to indicate where the holes sit. You can then move the safe away while you carry on with the next stage.

Drill Into the Floor

The next step is to drill into the floor where you have marked. As mentioned earlier, the best way to bolt down a safe is on concrete, but you can also use a wooden floor.

If you use the right type of drill bit for your floor then this will be a quick and easy job to carry out. Be sure to check the size of the bolts you are going to be using in order to choose the right size of drill bit.
Your safe should come with bolts included. These are often in a small plastic bag that is taped to the inside of the safe of elsewhere in the packaging.

If it doesn’t arrive with bolts then you can ask in your local hardware what size they recommend for the size of safe you have. Be sure to measure the diameter of the hole before you go and do this.

If there is more than one hole and you aren’t very confident of your skills then drill one, put the safe back into position and ensure that the other holes still match up with their respective marks.

The Finishing Touches

When you move the safe back into position you should see that the holes in the floor of the safe match where you have drilled into the floor. It is now a question of sliding the bolt into place and tightening it.

This may take some effort, especially if it is a tight fit or if you didn’t drill straight. It can make sense to use a pair of pliers to ensure that the bolt is as tight as possible. A loose bolt can end up making life easier for someone who wants to steal or open your gun safe.

On the other hand, if you have done a good job then you can feel satisfied that you have added another layer of security to your home.

Best Way to Bolt Down a Safe: Conclusion

Bolting down your gun safe is highly recommended for a number of reasons. Thankfully, it is also easy enough to sort out that anyone can do it without any fears once you understand the best way to bolt down a safe with a minimum of fuss.
Just stick to a few basic steps and you will have it done in next to no time.

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