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Where to Keep Your Gun Safe

by Tom Ginevra

Having a gun at home is a great way of feeling completely safe and protected. However, finding the right place to keep it could be a big concern.

The good news is that there are a number of options for choosing the perfect place to store your firearm in a way that gives you complete peace of mind.

The starting point is always to choose one of the best gun safes on the market from a quality brand, but where will you put it to keep you as safe as possible?

Close to Your Bed

Having a gun close to your bed is a smart move for helping you to feel completely comfortable and protected during the night. Of course, many people simply put their firearm in a drawer in their nightstand or hide it in their closet.

This is a bad move, as anyone can grab it from there without your permission, even young kids. A far better idea is to use a suitable bedside gun safe where you can be sure that only you have access to it.

Not everyone likes having a gun in their bedroom but there is a good chance that it simply sits there without you ever having to use it. For most people it is just like a type of insurance policy that they never have to think about again.

The best gun safes for use in the bedroom are small and discreet but still offer a very high level of protection. One of these safes can easily be fitted to the wall next to the bed in order to be close to hand all during the night.

In 2016 a National Rifle Association instructor advised delegates of the benefits of keeping a gun in their children’s rooms. While not everyone might agree with this approach, it is certainly a good idea to allow the adults in the house to arm themselves quickly in an emergency situation.

Out of Sight

You might be tempted to hide your guns out of sight somewhere in the house. This is an approach that may make sense if you have kids around or simply don’t want clutter around the place.

Some people go to extraordinary lengths to hide their guns around the home, using the likes of cereal boxes or even fake electrical outlets. This is clearly a dangerous approach, as a child or visitor could stumble across them accidentally with terrible results.

Putting your guns out of sight is certainly a good idea but you definitely don’t want to just leave them where someone could stumble across them or they could get damaged. This is another situation in which using a good safe helps to keep your firearms safe and well looked after.

If you want to keep the safe out of sight as well then you can choose a model that is compact enough to hide. Putting a gun safe in a drawer, under a bed or behind a piece of furniture is a simple but effective way of keeping it safe but hidden.

One point to consider here is that you will also want to be able to access the guns easily and quickly whenever you need to. Also, while hiding a firearm is seen as being a good idea by some homeowners, others prefer to use a gun safe as a visible warning and deterrent.

In the Living Room

Another possibility is that you would like to show off your gun collection to visitors by putting it in your living room. This is a fine idea for those of us who like to add a talking point to the living room and to give it a focus.

In this case, you certainly won’t want to leave the guns unprotected in a room where anyone can get hold of them. Instead, you will want to get a solid gun safe that keeps your firearms perfectly well protected at all times.

In addition, this a room in which you will want to use an attractive safe that fits in with the rest of the room. You won’t want to use a clunky model that doesn’t look right in such an important and visible part of the house.

This could mean that you go for a wood paneled safe or maybe one with glass, although obviously it needs to be strong and sturdy in order to carry out is main job of keeping your firearms extremely well protected.

In the Garage

Another popular place to put guns is in the garage. The idea here is usually to keep them out of the main living space and in a part of the property where they are less likely to cause problems.

This is probably a good idea if the main reason for having firearms in the first place is for sport or for some other reason that isn’t just home security. If home security is the main concern then having the guns in the garage probably isn’t the most convenient approach.

As with the other parts of the house we have looked at, it is important to use a good quality gun safe to keep the firearms locked up and out of harm’s way. Aesthetic concerns may not be quite as high here, with the need for high levels of security a far more pressing issue.

Either way, a well-built gun safe will allow you to hide your firearms in a way that suits you.

In Multiple Places

If you own a number of guns or are very concerned about your personal security then you may consider using a number of different safes dotted around the house. This will allow you access to a firearm wherever you are, as well as keeping all of your collection safe and sound.

For example, you might have one in the kitchen for using during the day and another in the bedroom that you can access without any fuss during the night.

Whatever, your needs are it certainly makes sense to put some thought into the places that you choose to store your firearms. By doing this you stand a far better chance of picking a sensible spot that keeps your guns safe and your mind at ease.

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