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Who Makes the Best Gun Safe?

by Tom Ginevra

Once you start looking for the best gun safe to buy you will realize that there is a massive selection for you to choose from. For a start, you will want to take a look at some of the big name manufacturers to see which one offers products that inspire you at the right price.

The following list isn’t exhaustive but it does cover many of the top brands that you may be interested in.

First Alert

This company offers a wide range of security products in addition to gun safes, with fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and escape ladders all in their impressive product portfolio.

They offer top quality executive gun safes and cabinets in a range of sizes, from compact 3.5 cu. ft. models to others that offer a roomy 34 cu. ft. Their products are of a good quality and prices run from very affordable to the top end of the market.


Among the products sold by Barska are riflescopes, metal detectors, and, of course, gun safes. They make good use of the latest biometric technology to manufacture quick access rifle and gun safes with fingerprint scanner access.

The compact safes sold by Barska are especially good value, while their bigger models obviously come with heftier price tags. You can choose from slim rifle safes, floor safes and wall safes of many different styles and sizes.


Graffunder is one of the most highly respected names in the world of gun safes. This company has been around since 1968 and makes top quality safes for a wide variety of uses.

They are proud of their German craftsman history and continue to offer some of the very best and most attractive gun safes on the market. A Graffunder safe doesn’t come cheap they do have an incredible attention to detail and a limited lifetime warranty as well.

Mesa Safe Company

This is another gun safe manufacturer that has built up a solid reputation over a number of decades. Their extensive range of sturdy safes include fire resistant models and different sizes for varying needs.

The gun safes from the Mesa Safe Company look like tough, robust objects that you don’t mess with. You will need to pay a decent price for one but it will show that you mean business and certainly won’t let anyone access your firearms easily.


GunVault is another recommended gun safe manufacturer with an extensive range of products. They are proud of their patented No Eyes® keypad and Bio pad that allow for very fast access to the guns inside.

Among the options are their Mini, Multi, and BioVault safes. It is well worth taking a look to find which other products suit your needs and have the right price tag too.

Fort Knox

One of the colorful and distinctive safes made by Fort Knox will give you a tremendous feeling of security at home. When you buy one of their safes online you get an incredible range of customization options to choose from.

Again, this is a serious, quality gun safe that comes with a price tag to match. With top notch construction and a limited lifetime warranty, this is the kind of gun safe that you only need to buy once in your life.

Sportsman Steel

The biggest claim to fame by Sportsman Steel is that they make safes and vaults for the likes of the CIA, the Smithsonian, and the FBI. As you can tell from this list, they are a highly respected manufacturer that has an unbeatable reputation and are experts in building safes with a great steel thickness.

Their gun safe products offer incredible protection for anyone is serious about keeping other people’s hands off their firearms. For the committed gun enthusiast or professional they even have incredible vault doors so you can make your own gun room.


From compact closet gun safes and handgun safes to giant double door models, Homeland probably has the right gun safe for your needs. As with many of the other top gun safe manufacturers, the quality of the build and the attention to detail comes with a fairly large price tag.

However, if you want complete peace of mind then this is the kind of purchase that you won’t ever regret making. Take a look through their list of products and you are sure to be impressed by the looks as well as the technical specifications.


This company offers another option that you might very well want to look into. Their big, roomy safes promise thicker steel and genuine fire protection for your valuable firearms.

A no-nonsense look and plenty of space inside make these gun safes that give a lot of confidence in them. There is an impressive range of sizes to choose from too, with vault doors another option for someone who wants a completely protected gun room.

Heracles Research Corporation

Some of the most interesting and unusual gun safe options come from the Heracles Research Corporation. This company makes a selection of products with hidden gun safes built into them.

For instance, you could buy a bed that has a sturdy safe integrated into the frame. It probably isn’t the right option for everyone but if keeping your guns secure and completely out of sight is a priority for you then it is worth taking in to account.

Rhino Metals

With this gun safe maker you get highly decorative and attractive models that look fantastic while being completely secure too. Some of their most interesting models look like authentic old bank vaults while offering the latest technology and construction.

They actually offer two different brands for different needs. The Rhino safes are their top quality models while the Bighorn safes brand gives great value for money.

No matter which model you end up choosing, it is a good idea to do some research first of all. Finding the perfect model at a price that is right for you is going to give you a safe that keeps your firearms protected and away from harm for a very long time.

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